How to display out of stock products on shop archive?

Go to WordPress admin > WooCommerce > settings > products tab > Inventory > check Out of stock visibility option.

How to Change the Woocommerce Template that used to display products?

By default the plugin PWF used content-product.php template, when get products using ajax.

If you need to used custom template to display products list. the template name must start with content-*php if your template name doesn't start with content-*php copy it and rename it to content-*

you can find woocomerce templates in parent or child theme inside folder woocommerce.

Use this code to change template and replace template name with your own.
add_filter( 'pwf_woo_filter_product_loop_template', 'custom_pwf_loop_template', 10, 2 );

function custom_pwf_loop_template( $template, $filter_id ) {
	$template = 'product-custom-template';
	return $template;

Price Slider

if the price slider handles doesn't display as a full circular on start and end.

In this case your theme using CSS overflow:hidden. Use chrome inspect to get this CSS class name and make it overflow: visible.

Active fiter CSS selector

Control the position of active filters, you can change it by edit filter setting > click selectors tab.

Add icon for Filter Button on Responsive

Use this CSS code to add your custom icon.

.pwf-sticky-filter .pwf-sticky-button .pwf-sticky-filter-button .pwf-button-text::before {

	position: absolute;
	display: inline-block;
	left: -20px;             // edit this value
	content: "\e909";        // edit this value
	font-family: "pwficons"; // edit this value

Triger Apply Button on Responsive

Some WordPress Themes display it's own stick navigation at bottom of the screen on the mobile.

The plugin PWF on responsive display sticky navigation contain two buttons [ Filter - Sort ].

How can you solve This issue?
  1. Use CSS code To hide the plugin sticky navigation.
  2. Create button on the theme sticky navigation or any place.
  3. This button only display depend on filter setting > responsive tab Screen width.
 // Hide plugin sticky navigation
.pwf-sticky-filter {
	display: none !important;
 // JS code to display popup filter with your own custom button
$('body').on('click', '.your-custom-filter-button', function( event) {